Only Yourx Skin Care

Our skin care products are acclaimed for our strict quality control and for the use of the maximum levels of active ingredients. They feature the highest concentrations, including plant extracts, natural minerals, and naturally sourced vitamins and proteins combined with other naturally sourced ingredients specially chosen to deliver superior results. Only food grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used. And all our products are non-comedogenic and are not tested on animals.

Deep Pore Cleansing

The ultimate in deep cleansing comedones, milia and breakouts. Specialized techniques soften follicular impactions allowing for ease in removal. Leaves skin immaculently clear.

Capillary Calm

Renown treatment for skin experiencing couperose, capillary distention, rosacea, redness or blotchiness. Dramatically reduces redness, minimizes capillaries and soothes the skin.

Tissue Renewal

Anti-aging facial smoothes and hydrates the skin, increases cell turnover and improves elasticity. The skin will be left revitalized with a more yourthful, radiant appearance.

Tissue Toning

Recharges dull, devitalized, sluggish skin with concerns of elasticity loss and wrinkles. Stimulates, hydrates, tones and gives temporary 'lift' with our famous Bio-Lift Mask.

Moisture Boost

This ultimate moisturizing treatment reverses the most depleting effects of dehydrated, skin. Hydrates and plumps up lines, leaving the skin soft and supple with a luminous glow.

Multi Vitamin C Antioxidant

Anti-aging treatment is perfect for tired, asphyxiated and lifeless skin. This treatment improves texture, elasticity, pigmentation and softens lines & wrinkles. Skin is refreshed and radiant.